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Looking after Your Tattoo

When you need advice on aftercare for your tattoo, please pop into our studio and speak to one of our professionals. We advise you on the best methods as well as offering our full support, as each individual has their own personal reaction during the post-tattoo process.

Your Safety is Our Priority

We have regular contact with customers to ensure that your tattoo is kept in the best condition.

Your tattoo is created in sterile conditions and you must make sure that you apply appropriate aftercare methods to preserve its fresh appearance. With just a few days of attentive care means that you can enjoy a clear, beautiful tattoo for life. The following rules must be strictly adhered to, as failure to do so can often mean a loss of up to 70% of your tattoo.

Tattoo Aftercare


Remove the bandage after returning home.


Apply some cream, such as the recommended Alantan™ Plus and Bepanthen™. Please do not use Vaseline™ for dry skin too quickly. Do not apply an excessive amount of an ointment because it leads to the accumulation of bacteria. If your tattoo is rough and dry, not enough ointment has been applied. Lubrication should be repeated at least 4 to 7 times a day.

The Healing Process

After the initial treatment, you must be prepared to ‘baby’ your tattoo for the next 10 to 14 days.


Do not let the tattoo come into contact with water. If the tattoo is soaked, the scab will fall off prematurely and cause the tattoo to fade.


Avoid spanning tattoo clothes and rough fabrics. Do not scratch and tear off pieces of crust if you itch.


Do not expose the tattoo to direct sunlight for at least a month. This is especially important for colour tattoos, as the sun can lead to bleaching and fading. The intensity of the colour depends on how the tattoo heals and also your complexion.


It is forbidden to consume alcohol on the day you receive the tattoo as well as the day before and the entire healing period.

Contact our tattoo studio in Bedford, Bedfordshire, to learn more about important aftercare.