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Bespoke Tattoo Designs Created by Talented Artists Based in Bedford, Bedfordshire

Invest in a beautiful, customised tattoo that reflects your individual taste. Based in Bedford, Bedfordshire, all of the tattoo designs at our studio are created and arranged previous to your tattoo appointment, to ensure that enough time is dedicated to fully completing your new body art. Our talented professionals are also able to offer a complete design service as part of the creative process.

Arranging Your Tattoo

When you have any specific designs of tattoos in mind, and would like an estimate of the cost, please visit our shop for an accurate quote. Advising you on the amount of sittings that will be required, our fixed hourly rate is £65. Our fixed daily rate, which involves 6 hours of tattooing, is £350. We are also able to provide gift cards for selected amounts.

2-Hour Pre-Design Session

This involves you and one of our artists discussing a variety of design ideas. Please feel free to provide us with any images taken from the internet as well as booklets, brochures, or general design ideas. We also require details such as where you would like your new tattoo to be, the size, and also the style, for example black and grey or colour. 


The fixed cost for our 2-hour pre-design session is FREE >>OFF £40. When You book all day session the design is included.

Final Designs

Our talented professionals develop final designs for you to choose from that are based on our first pre-design session. The final design is a combination of ideas that we put together to suit your desires, and involves a fixed cost of £20 after pre-design. 

Tattoos last forever, so please make sure to choose your design carefully. You should never choose something because it is a cheaper option. If you do, you are most likely to regret it later. Our artists also advise to never place a small tattoo in a prime location, as it can often be a curse later on if you desire a larger, more detailed piece in that spot. 

We would also like to reiterate that you should always get a tattoo from a professional, and work alongside them to achieve the most suitable design that works for you.

Always Seek Professional Advice

Never get a tattoo from someone who is currently learning, as most of the time they are learning on their own without any help from a professional. They may think that their work is good, however the equipment that they use may not be sterile. This means that you could get a serious infection and put yourself at risk. Also, you should not waste your hard-earned money on having to cover up a bad tattoo later on. 

A professional tattoo involves a clean and safe process with crisp lines and solid colours. A professional artist changes needles, colours, and everything else involved in the process between clients, and always wears gloves to protect themselves.

Invest in a Quality Tattoo

A good tattoo is not cheap. The price you pay the artist that you select can make all the difference in the world. Remember that you have to live with your choice for the rest of your life, and a great tattoo brings smiles and conversation, whereas a bad tattoo brings regret and more costs.

Preparing for Your Tattoo

Make sure you eat something that contains sugar before your tattoo, as your blood sugar may drop during the process. If you are on heart or blood-thinning medication, please let your tattooist know beforehand. 

We also ask that you don’t bring a large group of people with you, as there is only room for 1 person to be around while the tattoo is being done. 

Please make sure that you have the correct spelling or translation with you if you are getting a tattoo with script, to ensure that all appointments run on time. 

Whether you need to make large or small changes, please ensure that they are made before your tattoo appointment. Keep the artist involved in all of these changes so that they have the correct images for you on the day.

Please note that you must be 18 or over to get a tattoo, and photo ID is required.

Contact our professionals in Bedford, Bedfordshire, for your very own customised tattoo designs and art.